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UPSC revised Pattern for Prelim Exam

Syllabus of General Studies Paper I and II

General Information regarding UPSC and ACEC and its Entrance Test

Previous Years Entrance Exam Papers
  1. Entrance Test Question Paper-2014-2015
  2. Entrance Test Question Paper-2015-2016
  3. Entrance Test Question Paper-2016-2017
  4. Entrance Test Question Paper-2017-2018
  5. Entrance Test Question Paper-2018-2019
ACEC Answer Key
  1. Answer Key of ACEC 2014
  2. Answer Key of ACEC 2015
  3. Answer Key of ACEC 2016
  4. Answer Key of ACEC 2017
  5. Answer Key of ACEC 2018
New UPSC-Civil Services Mock Interview -2019
  1. 2019 UPSC CIVIlL Mock Interview Advertisement
  2. Instructions to the Students for Mock Interview
  3. Application Cum Enrollment Form

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Article on Internal security by Dr. Shailendra Deolankar, Amravati

Interview Techniques by
Ravindranath Patil IPS